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MCSNI-Area 2021/22 Committee Details                                   

Robert Cupples – Chairman/Appointed Section Councillor

Tel: 07715468933  Email.

Jennifer Mathewson – Vice Chairperson 

Tel: 07515167177 Email:

Vacant – Secretary/ Appointed Region Councillor

Tel:*********** Email:

Jim Reid – Treasurer/ Regalia Officer.

Tel: 07887379571  Email:

Vacant – Public Relations Officer.

Tel: ***********  Email:*********** 

Bobby  – Sites officer.

Tel: 07542529340  Email:

Archie Davidson – Web master 

Tel: 07401363669  Email:


Committee members ( positions to be allocated)

Gary Mathewson, Beverly Baird, Gary Baird, 


Non Committee Members

Maureen Reid – President.

Agnes Babbs – Past President.